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Zone Swimwear at San Francisco's Fashion Community Week

SAN FRANCISCO, Cali., Sept. 25, 2021 - Zone Swimwear participated in Fashion Community Week's pop-up at Bloomingdales in the heart of San Francisco. Fashion Community Week, which hosts events in Paris, London, San Francisco, and Dubai is dedicated to "establishing emerging fashion designers." All of the proceeds from Fashion Community Week are donated to non-profits including Dress for Success, Remake, and Wardrobe for Opportunity.

Zone's Co-Founder, Brooke Wingo, was on-hand for the event. "We're grateful to have been invited. We live in the intersection of fashion, athletics, and technology, so it's a special feeling to lean into this aspect of what we do. Design is our bedrock," she said.

San Francisco's Fashion Community Week will continue through September 27th.



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