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A Goalie Who Is Near-Blind? Meet The Kraken's Benjamin Lehnig

When we heard that one of our favorite teams has a talented goalie, we were excited. When we watched the news story, we were blown away.

Benjamin, you rock.

From KSL TV, Utah:

For two nights a week over four months out of the year, the Stang Aquatic Center in Hyrum, Utah, is home to one of the best high school water polo teams in the state: The Cache Valley Kraken.

Their offense is straight-up fire, and they’ve got a defense maybe even better.

One of the key pieces to that defense is their senior goalie, Benjamin Lehnig. He’s 6-foot-3, with a wingspan nearly as long.

Benjamin is good, treading water almost half his life.

But here’s the thing about life: Whether it’s in the pool or out of the pool, in the middle of it all, there are simply some things you never see coming.

“So, I see a young man walking out with a cane. Was he just in my pool? Was he a part of this practice?”

That how Coach Eric Richards described his reaction after the first practice he had with Benjamin.

“Somebody said, ‘Yeah, that’s your goalie.’ I just blurted out, ‘I have a blind goalie!’” said Richards.

To read the full transcript, check out the full story here.



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